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1 year experience with corneal wavefront-guided LASIK with flash cross-linking (LASIK Xtra) for the treatment of high myopia patients (-8.00D to -18.00D) using the SCHWIND Amaris 750S laser: clinical outcomes

Session Details

Session Title: Keratoconus and ectasia

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 08/10/2013 | 16:30-18:00

Paper Time: 17:15

Venue: Elicium 2 (First Floor)

First Author: : J.TAN SINGAPORE

Co Author(s): :    Y. POR              

Abstract Details


To evaluate post-operative outcomes on refraction, corneal higher order aberrations, post-operative refractive stability and contrast sensitivity for high myopia treatments using the corneal wavefront guided LASIK and flash crosslinking (LASIK Xtra).


Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, Singapore


89 consecutive eyes undergoing LASIK Xtra using the SCHWIND Amaris 750S were enrolled. Pre and post-operative uncorrected and best corrected distance visual acuities, corneal and ocular wavefronts, and contrast sensitivities were performed. Corneal wavefronts were measured with the SCOUT and SIRIUS topographers, and ocular wavefronts with the IRX3 (Schwind Eye-Tech-Solutions, Kleinostheim, Germany), iTracey (HOYA Surgical Optics GmbH, EMEA Headquarters, Lyoner Stra├če 24-26, 60528 Frankfurt, Germany). Contrast sensitivity was performed using the functional vision analyser. Treatments were planned with the ORK-CAM software, and ablation performed with the Amaris 750S (Schwind Eye-Tech-Solutions, Kleinostheim, Germany). LASIK flaps were created with the Intralase 150K Femtosecond laser and corneal wavefront guided treatments were performed with the Amaris 750S. At 1 month and 3 month post-operative visit, a night vision questionnaire was completed by the patient with regards to their quality of vision at night.


1 and 3 month results will be presented for refractive predictability for patients with -8.00D to -9.00D spherical equivalent, -9.00D to -10.00D spherical equivalent and -10.00D and above spherical equivalent. Also, no patients lost more than 1 line of best corrected vision. Results for induction of corneal coma and corneal spherical aberration will be also presented.


Refractive errors were significantly reduced post-operatively and the refractive correction was highly predictable. Corneal spherical aberration was increased in the majority of cases especially in the peripheral cornea beyond the optical zone treated. However, because of the large optical zones of treatment, these patients did not suffer any significant halos or glare post-operation. LASIK Xtra appears to be a safe and predictable method of correcting high myopia in selected patients.

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