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Symmetric vs asymmetric SUPRACOR short-term results

Session Details

Session Title: Presbyopia Correction

Session Date/Time: Monday 07/10/2013 | 16:30-18:15

Paper Time: 17:24

Venue: Emerald (First Floor)

First Author: : J.Soler Tomįs SPAIN

Co Author(s): :    G. Fuentes-Pįez   S. Burillo           

Abstract Details


To report visual and topographic comparative results between symmetric and asymmetric Supracor LASIK, after 6 months of follow-up.


OFTALNOVA; Centro Médico TEKNON, Barcelona, Spain.


Observational, retrospective, comparative case series of hyperopic presbyopes who underwent Supracor LASIK (symmetric (plano target both eyes) vs. asymmetric (dominant eye (DE) plano target; non dominant eye (NDE) -0.50D target)). Motor ocular dominance was determined (hole in card test) and accommodation amplitude (AA) using the "negative lens method". Pre and post operative variables included: monocular and binocular, distance and near, uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA), best corrected VA, spherical equivalent (SE), addition (Add), Km, and topographic astigmatism. Postoperative variables included accommodation amplitude (negative lens method) and 3.00mm area central power. Statistics were calculated using the Microsoft ® Excel® 2008 for Mac (121.0 version; 2007 Microsoft Corporation) program, data reported as mean, range, and standard deviation (SD); analyzed with student t-test (p<0.05 for statistical significance) and correlation coefficients r.


: Symmetric Supracor group 13 patients, asymmetric Supracor group 14 patients. Post operative results, after 6 months, for symmetric vs asymmetric Supracor, respectively, were: mean age 53.3±2.5; 52.2±2.6, distance UCVA 0.82±0.23; 0.93±0.20, near UCVA 0.81±0.27; 0.90±0.20, SE -0.38±0.37;-0.27±0.35D (p<0.001), Add 0.50±0.70; 0.71±0.47, Km 44.8±1.D (p<0.001); 43.9±1.1D, topographic astigmatism -0.6±0.62;-0.83±0.32, mean central power 2.0±0.90D; 2.0±0.80D, mean 0.00mm zone power 1.6±0.91D; 1.4±0.88D (p<0.05), AA 0.56±0.61D; 0.71±0.47. SE-central power r =-0.12; r= -0.34; near UCVA-central power r = 0.26; r = 0.47; near UCVA –SE r= -0.53; r = -0.46, safety index 1.0 (distance and near UCVA), efficacy distance 0.9, near 0.8;0.9, stability (SE change over 6 months) -0.16D; DE -0.13D and NDE -0.16D, and SE predictability -0.40; DE -0.28D and NDE -0.53D. Binocular distance UCVA 0.99±0.07;1.0, near UCVA 0.97±0.07.


Asymmetric Supracor LASIK patients reported better UCVA distance and near visual results than those who underwent symmetric Supracor, after six months. SE and Km differences were statistically significant. Both techniques were safe, effective, similar in stability and predictability; while eliminating or reducing patients near vision spectacle dependence.

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