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Multicenter evaluation of refractive predictability of intraoperative aberrometry-assisted IOL power selection using streaming refractive data

Session Details

Session Title: New evaluation tools in refractive surgery

Session Date/Time: Sunday 06/10/2013 | 08:00-09:30

Paper Time: 08:51

Venue: Forum (Ground Floor)

First Author: : S.Brint USA

Co Author(s): :                  

Abstract Details


To determine whether incorporation of streaming refractive data while the eye is stabilized prior to intraoperative aberrometry measurement can provide additional refractive accuracy in IOL power calculation compared to power calculation without intraoperative aberrometry or with standard intraoperative aberrometry without the streaming data.


Eleven clinical sites, with 14 surgeons at these 11 sites each contributing a minimum of 20 cases.


In 300 cases of cataract surgery with IOL implantation, the ORA intraoperative aberrometry system (WaveTec Vision) equipped with VerifEye, a new method of real-time monitoring of refractive information during stabilization of the eye for measurement, was used for lens power selection. In all cases, the aphakic refraction was used as the basis for the IOL power calculation using the intraoperative aberrometer manufacturerÂ’s modified refractive vergence formula. Refractive predictability was determined by calculating the mean absolute value of the prediction error (MAVPE) based on a comparison of actual refraction at 1 month to the ORA predicted outcome. The distribution of mean error at ? 0.25 D, ? 0.50 D, ? 0.75 D, and ? 1.00 D was also evaluated.


Of the 300 eyes, 1-month data is currently available for 191 eyes. The MAVPE is 0.29 ± 0.20 D. The range of absolute errors is 0.00 D to 0.88 D with a median of 0.26 D. All eyes are within 1.00 D of the postoperative spherical equivalent (SE) refraction predicted by the formula and 85% are within 0.50 D of the predicted SE.


Intraoperative aberrometry-assisted power calculation using the ORA System with VerifEye closely predicts the refractive outcome that will be obtained 1 month after cataract surgery. The mean absolute prediction error is better than that reported in the literature for cataract surgery in general, and also better than the refractive results previously reported for intraoperative aberrometry without the use of real-time refractive data.

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