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10 - 12 February 2017, MECC Maastricht,The Netherlands.

This Meeting has been awarded 15 CME credits.


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Modified new technique for scleral fixation of foldable intraocular lens with new modified haptic support without sclera flaps

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First Author: M. Afifi EGYPT

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To report a two year results of a scleral fixation in the treatment of aphakic patients with lack of capsular support by using a new modified technique of haptic support of the foldable intraocular lens without scleral flaps .


Almostaqbal Eye Center,Egypt,Al Mansoura


A two year clinical results (A complete ophthalmological examination was performed preoperatively and postoperatively) of two aphakic eyes underwent a surgical procedure of scleral fixation of PC IOL implant. A new technique of haptic support of foldable intraocular lens are used and the surgical technique to do described: after 2 horizontal Scleral incisions tunneled anteriorly into about 2mm. insert the 2 suture needle of the 10-0 prolene into the peripheral wide part of the haptic with 1mm in between to give attached wide area .then engaged within 27G insulin needle and pulled out in the bed of the scleral tunnel.


There was no intra-operative complications except for some bleeding from the ciliary sulcus and one time haptic was cut . A high visual outcome was obtained in the 2 cases. No suture erosion through the sclera, No scleral necrosis, No decentration or tilt of the intraocular lens was occurred within a mean follow-up of two years.


The presented technique of the new haptic support offer a stable and quick fixation of the intraocular lens with sufficient resistance to tractive forces without lens tlilt . and By avoiding the scleral flaps, this reduces the surgical procedure time, the risk of suture erosion and infection.

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