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10 - 12 February 2017, MECC Maastricht,The Netherlands.

This Meeting has been awarded 15 CME credits.


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Anterior chamber tamponade methods during femtolaser-assisted surgery of complicated cataract

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First Author: Y. Burkhanov RUSSIA

Co Author(s): E. Usubov   M. Absalyamov   O. Orenburkina              

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To evaluate the effectiveness of femtolaser steps of cataract surgery using different methods of anterior chamber tamponade in complicated cases with a narrow pupil.


28 patients (31 eyes) with complicated cataract (narrow rigid pupil, PES, lens subluxation 1- 2) underwent the study.


Patients were divided into two groups. The 1st group - 15 patients (16 eyes) underwent femtolaser capsurhexis and lens fragmentation under viscoelastic tamponade of AC. The 2nd group included 13 patients (15 eyes) where tamponade of AC was performed by BSS.During the operations the quality of anterior capsulotomy and lens fragmentation depending on the method of tamponade were evaluated.


In all cases, centrally located anterior capsulotomy was obtained, round and specified diameter - 5 mm. In 1st were multiple bridges of capsulotomy edge in 30% of cases. Lens fragmentation after viscotamponade was complete in 87.5% of cases. In 2nd group capsulotomy quality was better, only in 1 case (6,6%) bridges were observed, complete lens fragmentation in 53,3%.


Application of additional steps: tamponade of anterior chamber allows to expand the indications of this technique in complicated cases. Using of viscotamponade of anterior chamber in some cases contributes to the preservation of bridges in capsulorhexis, though lens fragmentation quality was better, in comparison to tamponade by BSS.

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