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10 - 12 February 2017, MECC Maastricht,The Netherlands.

This Meeting has been awarded 15 CME credits.


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A new concept of optical aberrations as partners of vision: a virtuous correction of presbyopia

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First Author: M. Zuppardo ITALY

Co Author(s): M. Curatolo                    

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This study is to evaluate positive effects of aberrations in cataract refractive surgery. The classic assessment of aberrations as enemies of vision can be replaced by a new way of evaluating them as partners of vision. An extended depth of focus intraocular lens (EDOF IOL, MINI WELL Ready, SIFI MEDTECH) is introduced as a tool that modulate spherical aberrations in a suitable manner to obtain some vision benefits. This IOL uses Spherical aberrations to obtain a dispersion of focus designed for an extended depth of focus (EDOF) able to correct presbyopia.


Department Research&Development SIFI Medtech, Catania, Italy.


A new method based on modulations of spherical optical aberrations has been applied to get benefits in cataract surgery and presbyopia correction. Starting from the produced focus dispersion, using the Zernike polynomials, the IOL wavefront has been obtained. Such IOL wavefront has been factorised to determine each type of aberration. By ray-tracing simulations the induced spherical optical aberrations have been dimensioned. The obtained IOL optical design has been characterized with specific analyzer of image quality at various diameters of investigation.


Total and differential wavefront maps showed how, by modulating optical aberrations, it is possible to optimize the induced focus dispersion and obtaining the presbyopia correction. The performance of the proposed EDOF IOL (MINI WELL Ready, SIFI MEDTECH) was tested, The MTF and through focus curves as the retinal acuity charts showed good progressive performance.


The proposed method is capable of solving presbyopia in a new and very virtuous way as that of using optical aberrations as partners of vision in spite of correcting or contrasting them. The obtained results indicates that the MINI WELL ready has an improved performance in comparison to traditional multifocality.

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