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10 - 12 February 2017, MECC Maastricht,The Netherlands.

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Combined artificial iris and IOL scleral fixation for post-traumatic aphakia and aniridia: unexpected favourable cosmetic outcome after brown iris implantation in a patient with corneal arcus

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First Author: A. Benson UK

Co Author(s): A. Khan                    

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A 77 year old patient was referred for secondary lens implantation after blunt trauma from a golf ball left him with both aniridia and aphakia. A brown coloured foldable iris implant was approved by the funding body, though the patient had light grey irides. The price difference between the default brown iris and a custom colour was significant as was the time required to order the custom-made implant.


Bradford Royal Infirmary, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Bradford, BD9 6RJ, UK


At the time of referral the patient had already undergone PPV and lens removal under the vitreoretinal surgeons. A three-piece MA60AC lens, power calculated as for sulcus placement, was fixed to the iris implant (Humanoptics) through belt-buckle incisions with micro forceps. The iris implant was fixed to sclera with two 7.0 Gore-tex sutures at 12 and 6 oclock. The lens haptics were attached via two scleral flaps 1.5 mm behind limbus. The overlying conjunctiva was closed using tisseal glue. An a/c maintainer and viscoelastic was used to protect corneal endothelium.


An excellent visual outcome was achieved with unaided vision of 6/12 improving to 6/9 with pinhole. Unexpectedly, the cosmetic outcome was also excellent despite the brown implant as the patients' co-existent corneal arcus perfectly mimics the colour of the fellow iris.


Patients with significant corneal arcus and light iris colour can have very good cosmetic outcomes from iris implantation even with dark-coloured implants. This has significant cost and time savings associated as well as avoiding the need for high-definition photography.

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