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10 - 12 February 2017, MECC Maastricht,The Netherlands.

This Meeting has been awarded 15 CME credits.


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Ocular adnexa in pseudoexfoliation syndrome

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First Author: V. Potemkin RUSSIA

Co Author(s): E. Ageeva                    

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Evaluate the condition of ocular adnexal tissues in pseudoexfoliation syndrome (PEX)


City Ophthalmologic Center of City hospital № 2, St. Petersburg, Russia


230 patients were evaluated with the aim to find association between PEX and ocular adnexal tissue changes. 132 eyes of 66 patients with PEX syndrome and 128 eyes of 64 patients without it were enrolled in the prospective study. The diagnostics features of PEX were deposits of white material on the anterior lens surface, pupillary border, endothelial surface of the cornea or anterior chamber angle. We evaluated the function of upper eyelid levator muscle, lower eyelid retractors, horizontal lid laxity (HLL), canthal integrity, degree of retractors disinsertion, tone of orbicularis muscle, staining grade of conjunctiva and LIPCOF degrees.


HLL, degree of retractors disinsertion, lax of canthal tendons were statistically significantly more expressed in patients with PEX (p<0,05). The tone of orbicularis muscle and lower eyelid retractors were statistically lower in patients with PEX (p<0,05). Staining grade of conjunctiva and LIPCOF degree was higher in group of patients with PEX (p<0, 05).


Signs and symptoms of atonic changes and damage of ocular adnexa are relatively more common in patients with PEX (p<0,05). The presence of PEX was significantly associated with laxity of ocular adnexal tissue, including suspensory and functional system of eyelids: canthal tendons, orbicularis muscle, upper eyelid levator muscle and lower eyelid retract. PEX was also assosiated with conjunctivochalasis.

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