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10 - 12 February 2017, MECC Maastricht,The Netherlands.

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The influence of near work and outdoor activity on myopic refractive change in children at LSMU Department of Ophthalmology

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First Author: R. Sakiene LITHUANIA

Co Author(s): T. Kisil   A. Gelzinis                 

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The aim of our study was to determine the near work and outdoor activity influence on myopic refractive change.


Lithuanian university of health sciencies


We examined 47 myopic childrens and 40 ophthalmologically healthy childrens, who came to LSMU KK Eye Hospital Children‘s polyclinic. The age of children was between 10 and 18 years old. Childrens were matched by age and gender. Subject exclusion criteria – patiens with other refractive errors and patiens with other eye disorders. All objects got questionnaire about day daily activitis – how much time they spend doing near work (lesson preparation, reading books, playing with computer) and how much time they spend doing outdoor activitis during the day or per week.


A total 47 patients with myopia and 40 control group persons were enrolled into study. Myopic children group and control group spend 2.38±0.22 vs 2.04±0.2 hours outdoors, p=0.27, watching TV 1.35±0.14 vs 1.29±0.15, p=0.893, playing computer 2.07±0.14 vs 2.36±0.26, p=0.962, preparating for lesson 1.66±0.19 vs 1.87±0.11, p=0.039, hours per day, doing sports activities 5.64±0.44 vs 5.05±0.6, p=0.18, reading aditional litera 2.7±0.4 vs 2.31±0.4, p=0.964, hours per week. Statisticaly significant control group more time spend preparating for lessons than myopic children group, p=0.039.


Our results releaved that near work activities did not increase myopia.

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