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10 - 12 February 2017, MECC Maastricht,The Netherlands.

This Meeting has been awarded 15 CME credits.


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Retreatment after laser refractive surgery

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First Author: V. Encheva BULGARIA

Co Author(s): D. Mitova                    

Abstract Details


To define the main reasons for Re-correction after LASEK/LASIK. To analyze the difference between patients with primary myopic and hyperopic refraction.


St. Petka Eye Clinic,Varna, Bulgaria


A retrospective analysis of 13 eyes after laser refractive surgery (4 -LASEK and 9- LASIK; 7 with myopic refraction and 6 with hypermetropic refraction). The analysis includes the preoperative average keratometry readings(Av.K), the Av.K on 1st week, on 1st month and 6th month(3mm zone - Orbscan II), the expected keratometry (Exp.K) extrapolated from the intended correction. Undocorrection was measured by difference betwen the Exp. K and K on 1st week. Regresion of the correction was measured by the difference between the K reading on 6th month and 1st month.


A difference of ≥ 1.5D between the expected keratometry(Exp. K) and the Average keratometry on the first week(Av. K) defined as undercorrection was found in 7 eyes with primary Hypermetropia. A difference of ≥ 1.0 D between the Exp. K and the Av. K on the first week, defined as undercorrection was found in 2 eyes with primary Myopia. 2 eyes with primary Myopia had ≤ 0.6D undercorrection and 0.5D regression. The residual 2 eyes with primary Myopia had singnificant difference ≥ 1.0 D between the Av. K on 6th month and Av.K on the 1st month, defined as regression.


The main reason for residual refractive error and retreatment after laser refractive syrgery in hypermetropic eyes is primary undercorrection. The main reason for retreatment after laser refractive syrgery in primary myopic eyes is regression.

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