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10 - 12 February 2017, MECC Maastricht,The Netherlands.

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Long-term outcomes of presbyopia correction with application of a bi-aspheric multifocal µ-monovision approach performed in surface ablation method: 4 year results

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First Author: P. Viktoria RUSSIA

Co Author(s): E. Erika                    

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To evaluate refractive and functional results in presbyopic patients, who underwent µ-monovision bi-aspheric multifocal PRK treatments in terms of binocular uncorrected distance (UCDVA) and near (UCNVA) visual acuity, spherical aberration (SA), stability – changing of mean spherical equivalent (MSE) and predictability during four-year observation period.


Laser surgery clinic SPHERE, Moscow, Russia


Study included 100 eyes (50 patients) whounderwent PRK using PresbyMAX software with micro-monovision on the SchwindAmaris 500 excimer laser (SCHWIND Eye Tech Solutions). All patients had refraction from -6.00 to +4.0 diopters (D), with or without astigmatism.Inclusion criteria: preoperative corrected distance visual acuity was 20/25 or better, with near vision of 20/32 or better with addition up to +2.50D, corneal spherical aberration [C(4,0)] @ 6 mm was -0,2µm or more positive, pupil diameter was within 2,5 to 3,0 mm in photopic condition and more than 4,5 mm in scotopic condition.Mean preoperative SA +0.18±0.07µm.


UCDVA 20/32 or better was in 98% of cases 6 month postop, and – 96% in 4 years postop, 20/25 or better was 78% and 76% accordingly. UNVA 20/32 or better was in 100% of cases in 6 mpostop, and in 98% of cases 4 years postop. Postoperative MSE was -0,28±0,37D in distance eyes (DE) (target refraction – emmetropia) and -0,87±0.48D in near eyes(NE) (target refraction – myopia 0,75D).Mean postoperative corneal SA was+0.33±0.19µm in myopes and-0.22±0.17µm in hyperopes. Only four eyes (4 %) lost best corrected distance visual acuity on the 1-2 lines.


PresbyMAX PRK µ-Monovision is a safe and predictable and stable approach to correct presbyopia in a combination with different types of refraction, using PRK method if needed. It allows to obtain high visual acuity at far and at near distances. Despite the increase in positive spherical aberration in patients with myopia, the treatment offered them a high and stable UDVA and UNVA during four-year observation period.

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