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10 - 12 February 2017, MECC Maastricht,The Netherlands.

This Meeting has been awarded 15 CME credits.


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Comparative study of visual outcomes and subjective rehabilitation in patients after LASEK and TransPRK procedures

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First Author: M. Nikolova BULGARIA

Co Author(s): D. Mitova                    

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To evaluate VA after LASEK and TransPRK on day one and week one and compare it with VA before the procedures. To evaluate the subjective complaints of the patients.


St. Petka Eye clinic, Varna, Bulgaria


A retrospective analysis includes 9 patients (17eyes) corrected with LASEK and 10 patients (17 eyes) after TransPRK procedure. Standard LASEK procedure was performed with Schwind Amaris Excimer laser and 20% of diluted alcohol solution is used to remove the epithelium. The Trans PRK procedure was performed with Schwind Amaris Excimer laser. Smart Surface technology was used. The preoperative BCVA was measured with the Snellen Chart and the UCVA on day 1 and week 1. The Subjective complaints and rehabilitation were evaluated with a questionnaire including: pain, swelling, tearing, duration and strength of the symptoms.


In 14 of 17 eyes corrected with TransPRK the UCVA on day 1 is the same or better as the preoperative BCVA.On week1 UCVA in 8 of 9 eyes is better as the preoperative.The UCVA on day 1 in 6 of 17 eyes corrected with LASEK is better or the same as the one checked before the procedure.On week1 UCVA in 11 of 17 eyes is better as the preoperative.LESS SUBJECTIVE complaints were established in the patents after TransPRK then LASEK.The duration of the complaints in TransPRK patients was 1-2 days compared to 5-6 days in POST LASEK patients.


TransPRK with Smart Surface gives better visual and subjective rehabilitation compare to LASEK. The reason for the better results in TransPRK is probably due to the sparing the perilimbal epithelium which gives quicker and better resurfacing of the cornea. The Smart Surface technology generates smoother surface which also leads to better epithelization and less pain

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