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Six month outcomes of femtosecond-assisted wavefront-guided LASIK with a new generation aberrometer

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First Author: G.Prakash UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Co Author(s):    D. Srivastava   M. Suhail   V. Jhanji   J. Chacko Reji     

Abstract Details


Wavefront guided lasik has evolved and become more predictable in the recent past. We evaluate the outcomes of wavefront guided lasik with the data capture based on a new hartmann shack type aberrometer .


Cornea and Refractive Surgery services of a tertiary care multispeciality hospital


In this non comparative ,consecutive clinical case study , 40 eyes of 20 candidates with myopia/astigmatism without any contraindications to lasik or history of previous surgery recruited. Aberrometry was done on iDesign Advanced WaveScan aberrometer; Abbott Medical Optics(AMO), Inc., CA ). All patient underwent a femtosecond assisted flap creation (Intralase iFIS 150 Khz, AMO) followed by excimer on Visx Star4(AMO Inc).The outcomes measures were UDVA, CDVA, residual sphere , astigmatism and SEQ , performed at 1,3, and 6 months. Safety , efficacy and refractive surgery standardized graphs were computed.


The Sphere, Cylinder and SEQ were -4.025±1.5DSph, -0.7±0.DCyl and -4.39±1.6D respectively preoperatively and 0.04±0.13DSph,-0.10±0.13DCyl and -0.1±0.13D respectively at 6month (p<0.001,Wilcoxon's Signed Rank Test(WSRT) for all comparisons). The postoperative CDVA (-0.08±0.08) and UDVA (-0.04±0.09) were better than the preoperative CDVA (0.05±0.09) (p<0.01, WSRT for both comparisons). A total of 37/40 (92.5%) achieved a UDVA of ≥20/20 and 100% ≥20/25 compared to a preoperative CDVA of ≥20/20 in 60% and 100% ≥20/32.The regression plot for achieved (Ach) vs intended (Int) correction at 6 months was Ach = 0.0987x Int - 0.49, R-squared =0.99, p <0.001) . The SEQ stablised between 3 and 6 months followup (p=0.6).There were no cases of loss of CDVA.


The outcomes of wavefront guided lasik assisted by this new aberometer are safe and effective over 6 months in this intital , small sample size study. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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