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Results after wavefront-guided Femto-LASIK with the new aberrometer iDesign: 6 month results

Poster Details

First Author: L.Kiraly GERMANY

Co Author(s):    C. Möller   K. Kunert           

Abstract Details


The wavefront-guided Femto-LASIK is one of the latest generations in refractive surgery. In this paper the new aberromter iDesign is evaluated with view on the efficacy- index of the operation. Furthermore the changes of the aberrations will be examined in pre- and post-operative comparison.


Eye and Lasercenter Leipzig Germany


18 patients were examined 6 month after their wavefront-guided Femto-LASIK. The pre-operative spherical equivalent was - 4.10 ± 2.09 D on the average. All treatments had a refractive target of emmetropia. The wavefront measurements were done pre- and post-operativ with the Hartmann-Shack aberrometer iDesign. Further examinations were pachymetry, tonometry and visual acuity testing including spherical fine adjustment. Statistically evaluated were the data of both eyes.


72.22% of all eyes were within UCVA logMAR 0.0 or better postoperatively. 47.22% of all eyes reached a better UCVA after the operation than preoperatively BSCVA. The refractive target of emmetropia was achieved for all patients. The efficacy-index was 1.1122 ± 0.2324. RMS values of all Zernike orders, Effective Blur and defocus decreased significantly. High order RMS value increases postoperatively. The spherical aberration tends to be more negative. Coma shows the trend of an increase.


An efficacy-index above 1 was detectable. It is possible to speak of successful operations. Therefore the aberrometer iDesign can be positively evaluated, too. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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