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Success with introducing RLE with premium IOLs to refractive surgery of anisometropy

Poster Details

First Author: A.Ivashina RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    N. Korshunova   M. Gulyaev   V. Neyasov   V. Malyshev     

Abstract Details


To evaluate efficacy of Refractive Lens Exchange with Premium IOLs for refractive surgery of High Anisometropy.


Ophthalmic clinic 'OKOMED', Moscow, Russia


12 eyes of 12 patients aged 26 to 42 years (mean age 33.45±0.52) underwent RLE. Preoperative refraction ranged from - 16.0 D to + 12.0 D, Anisometropy ranged from -10.0 D to +8.0 D. The mean axial length of myopic eyes 27.53 ±1.25 mm, the mean axial length of hyperopic eyes was 20.8±1.12 mm. The mean keratometry was 43.58±1.45 D. Phacoemulsification through 2.2 mm corneal tunnel incision with IOL implantation was performed in the eye of 5 High Myopic patients and in the 7 High Hyperopic patients and 7 fellow eyes. The fellow eye of 3 patients had no surgery, Lasik was performed in 2 eyes. For RLE we prefer the Premium IOLs: Lentis Mplus LS-313 MF30 (Oculentis GmbH), AcrySof IQ Restor Toric (Alcon), Micro AY 123 (Phys IOL, Belgium). For calculation of IOL optical power we use IOL Master (Carl Zeiss Meditec). The optical power of IOLs was from +11.0 D to +30.0 D. Laser retinal coagulation of 3 myopic patients was performed before RLE. The efficacy criteria were uncorrected distance visual acuity (UCDVA), best distance corrected visual acuity (BCDVA), stereo visual acuity (Fly-test), patient satisfaction for far and near distance. The follow-up period was 3 months to 1,5years.


All patients had no Anisometropia. Post-op SE was ±1.0 D - 87%. 72.8% had UCDVA 0.5. Post-op BCDVA was 0.8-1.0 in 57% of eyes. No eyes lost Snellen lines of BCDVA, 7 eyes gained 1 lines and 5 eyes gained ≥2 lines. Stereo visual acuity (Fly-test) was from 200 to 20 sec. 100% reporting no need for spectacles near distance vision. All time follow-up no retinal detachment or macular oedema occurred. Example: Patient, 26 years, VOD=0.3 sph +4.0cyl+0.5ax40°=0.5; VOS=0.05 sph+1.5 cyl +6.0ax100°=0.1. Binocular vision was absence. OD-Lasik, OS-RLE with IOL AcrySof IQ Restor Toric +28.0D cyl+6.0D. After operations: VOD=0.8; VOS=0.3sph+0.5cyl+0.5ax115 =0.5. Stereo visual acuity (Fly-test) = 40 sec.


Refractive Lens Exchange with Premium IOLs implantation is effective and safe procedure for correction High Anisometropy. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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