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10 year change in refractive power of crystalline lens and relationship with opacification type in eyes with water clefts

Poster Details

First Author: H.Sasaki JAPAN

Co Author(s):    N. Hatsusaka   M. Takahashi   N. Shibata   Y. Takahashi   K. Sasaki   E. Kubo

Abstract Details


Our longitudinal study of the Japanese general population showed refractive power in eyes with transparent crystalline lens decreased about 0.6 D and in eyes that developed water clefts (WC) in the central zone of the pupil decreased about 1.5 D in 10 years. Here, we investigated long-term change in refractive power and correlation with opacification type in eyes with only WC at baseline.


Monzen Eye Study (MES) in Monzen, Ishikawa.


Participants of MES (2002 to 2013) with only WC at baseline (21 cases 23 eyes aged 65.4±7.4 yrs old, 7 males 14 females) were reexamined later (after 6.4±1.9, range 4-11 yrs). WC was classified by location as within 3 mm diameter of pupil center, or beyond. Axial length (AL) was measured using A mode or IOL Master (Zeiss), and spherical equivalent (SE) and corneal power (CP) by Auto Refracto Keratometer. Lens power (LP) was calculated as; LP=(110.0-2.43×AL-0.89×CP-SE)/0.62.


Average LP per WC type was 22.10±1.61 D for within central zone (7 eyes) and 24.64±1.17 D for beyond central zone (16 eyes). LP of eyes with WC in the central zone decreased significantly (p<0.05). The average change in LP, however, was not significant between +0.42±1.24 D for within and -0.09±1.29 D for beyond type. LP in 7 eyes whose WC shifted from beyond to within decreased by -0.81 D. LP in 8 eyes with no change in WC but with cortical cataract increased to +0.33 D, and LP in 2 eyes with no change in WC but with nuclear cataract increased to +2.27 D. In some cases WC faded away with aging, and 3 eyes where WC within the central zone disappeared, LP increased by +0.17 D.


Eyes with WC in the central zone showed decreased LP and progression to hyperopia. In the cases of disappearance of WC from the central zone and change to cortical cataract, the possibility for LP increase was suggested. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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