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High order aberration in children with OPD SCAN-III

Poster Details

First Author: J.Cazal SPAIN

Co Author(s):    R. Gomez Salazar   F. Castanera           

Abstract Details


To quantify and characterize Ocular total, Corneal and Internal Higher Order Aberrations (HOA) in children measured with Nidek optical pathway difference (OPD)-Scan III


Clínica Oftalmológica TACIR


One hundred and forty eyes of 82 children were examined. The mean age of the children was 9.3 years (range 3 to 16 years) and the mean manifest refractive spherical equivalent was 0.41 ± 2.37 diopters (range -7.25 to + 7.00 diopters) The patients were divided in four groups Emetropic, Myopic, Hyperopic and Astigmatic . All participants were free from corneal or lenticular pathology. Prospective ocular total,corneal and internal HOA were measured in a darkened room without cycloplegic drops using a skiascopic ocular wavefront-sensing device.


Mean root mean square values of Ocular Total, Corneal HO and Internal HO aberrations were 0.59 ± 0.30 um, 0.83± 0.79 um, 0.83 ± 0.64 um, respectively. Mean root mean square values of total spherical (Z4,0, Z6,0) total coma (Z3 -1, Z3 1, Z5 -1, Z5 1) and total trefoil (Z3 -3, Z3 3, Z5 -3, Z5 3) were 0.20± 0.16 um ,0.27 ± 0.19 um and 0.35 ± 0.23 um, respectively. High Order Total Aberration between four groups of children do not show statistically significant differences. Hyperopic Astigmatism had statistically significant levels of Total Coma HO, Myopic Astigmatism patient presented higher level of Total Trefoil HO and Astigmatism group showed the lowest level of Total Spherical aberrations compared with others groups.


Children with astigmatism have lower Total HOAs compared with other ametropics groups of children. Whilst the differences in HOAs between the groups reached statistical significance, they were not of pathological proportions. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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