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Single piece hydrophilic acrylic IOLs in the ciliary sulcus: our experience

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First Author: D.Megur INDIA

Co Author(s):                  

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To analyze and report the outcomes of placing single piece hydrophilic acrylic IOL in the ciliary sulcus in the event of posterior capsular tear


A Private Eye Hospital in a District Headquarter in India


This is a prospective non comparative study in which 19 eyes which had intra operative posterior capsular tear and were implanted with a single piece hydrophilic acrylic IOL in the ciliary sulcus following adequate anterior vitrectomy. In eyes which had an intact capsulorhexis margin Optic capture of the lens was performed and in eyes without an intact rhexis margin the lens was placed in the ciliary sulcus without optic capture. These patients were examined at regular intervals over a period of 1 year. Best Corrected Visual Acuity, Intraocular Pressure, Slit lamp examination before and after pupillary dilatation, to identify cells flare, pigment dispersion, anterior chamber depth, any tilt or de-centration of the lens and slit lamp photography to monitor change in the lens position over time. Retinal examination and OCT of macula was done at every visit.


All the 19 eyes of 19 patients underwent adequate bimanual anterior vitrectomy followed by implantation of the single piece hydrophilic lens in the ciliary sulcus. In 4 patients a peripheral iridectomy was performed. In 10 eyes (52.6%)Optic capture of the lens with the intact capsulorhexis margin could be successfully achieved.16 patients (84.21%)achieved a BCVA of 6/9 or better. 4 patients had transient raised Intra Ocular Pressure in the early post op period.2 patients (10.52%)developed Cystoid Macular edema. None of the eyes had chronic Uveitis, Glaucoma, or persistent Hyphema


Unlike the hydrophobic single piece lenses, hydrophilic single piece lenses are biocompatible and not toxic to Uvea and are well tolerated in the ciliary sulcus and hence can be a reasonably good option for placing them in the ciliary sulcus in the event of a posterior capsular tear. It The most important issue would be the technique. It is critical to do a good anterior vitrectomy and removing the entire residual cortex, which would ensure very less inflammation and create enough space in the ciliary sulcus to accommodate the slightly bulky haptics. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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