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In vitro optical performance of an aberration-free intraocular lens with a glistening-free material

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First Author: D.Madrid-Costa SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Ruiz-Alcocer   C. Pérez-Vives   T. Ferrer-Blasco   R. Montés-Micó     

Abstract Details


To assess the optical performance of the Envista® intraocular lens (IOL)


University of Valencia, Spain.


Three aspheric IOLs were evaluated; among them, the new Envista®. This IOL, similarly to the Z-Flex HB®, has a neutral aspheric design, whereas the fourth IOL under test (AcrySof® IQ SN60WF) presents a negative spherical aberration (SA). The IOL's aberration patterns were measured in-vitro, by setting them up on an optical bench. From these aberration-pattern data the modulation transfer function (MTF), the average modulation values and the points spread function (PSF) were calculated. Furthermore, in order to assess the potential optical quality that these IOLs could yield once they are implanted, an average corneal-aberration pattern was juxtaposed to the in-vitro profiles and the same parameters were calculated again.


For the IOL-only scenario (i.e., without including the corneal factor), it was the EnVista IOL, which is aberration-free, that showed the higher MTF, PSF values. This was followed by the other aberration-free IOL model. However, when the effect of an average corneal pattern was also taken into consideration as near as possible to a 'real life' scenario, the AcrySof® IQ SN60WF always outperformed the other neutral-asphericity IOLs


The in-vitro optical performance of the Envista IOL was good, but it decreases substantially in a whole-eye scenario, when the wavefront profile of an average cornea is added. Other designs with different degrees of SA should be considered for this IOL in order to surpass these results. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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