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Evaluation of visual acuity results and reading performance with the Salzburg Reading Desk after implantation of a diffractive trifocal intraocular lens

Poster Details

First Author: M.Attia GERMANY

Co Author(s):    F. Kretz   R. Khoramnia   A. Fitting   K. Linz   G. Auffarth  

Abstract Details


Long term clinical evaluation of a trifocal, diffractive intraocular lens (IOL) including evaluation of the reading performance using the Salzburg Reading Desk.


Department of Ophthalmology, University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany.


In a long term prospective study patients undergoing cataract surgery received the trifocal Micro-F IOL (PhysIOL, Belgium) with a +3.5 D addition for near and a +1.75 addition for intermediate vision. 21 eyes of 11 patients with a median age of 66 years (range: 56 - 74) have been enrolled in this study so far. Follow-up examinations included uncorrected and corrected distance visual acuity (UDVA, CDVA), uncorrected and distance corrected intermediate (UIVA, DCIVA) and uncorrected and distance corrected near visual acuity (UNVA, DCNVA). Monocular as well as binocular uncorrected and corrected reading acuity, reading speed and smallest log-scaled print size were evaluated using the Salzburg Reading Desk at the patient's preferred near and intermediate distance.


Postoperative results showed a median UDVA of 0.06 logMAR (range: 0.42 to -0.12 logMAR) and a median CDVA of -0.08 logMAR (range: 0.10 to -0.18 logMAR). Median UNVA was 0.14 logMAR (range: 0.34 to -0.04 logMAR) and median DCNVA was 0.06 logMAR (range: 0.30 to -0.10 logMAR). Median UIVA was 0.02 logMAR (range: 0.28 to -0.08 logMAR) and median DCIVA was -0.06 logMAR (range: 0.22 to -0.16 logMAR). The distance corrected reading acuity examination with the SRD at intermediate distance resulted in a median of 0.18 logMAR (range: 0.44 to 0.09 logMAR).


The Micro-F trifocal, diffractive IOL provides good postoperative functional results regarding far, intermediate and near vision with a high percentage of spectacle independence and patient satisfaction. Especially the functional results for intermediate distance are advantageous for the patients in daily life. FINANCIAL INTEREST: One of more of the authors... research is funded, fully or partially, by a company producing, developing or supplying the product or procedure presented, One of more of the authors... travel has been funded, fully or partially, by a company producing, developing or supplying the product or procedure presented

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