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A study of the effect of cross-linking (CCL) in different ages groups on preventing keratoconous development and decreasing blindness at a global level

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First Author: M.Zeinolabedin Moshref IRAN

Co Author(s):    H. Zeinolabedin Moshref   H. Moshref   F. Nader Tubeni        

Abstract Details


CCL to what extent will decrease keratoconous development in different ages.


CCL to what extent will decrease keratoconous development in different ages.


There are 4 groups in this reseach in which there are 15 patients. These groups are as follows: group A people below 10 (age) , group B between 10 and 20 (age) , group C between 20 and 30 (age) , and group D over 30 (age). Variables which are regarded in this research are ; a) Age and b) Decreasing of keratoconous development process.


We can conclude that CCL will bring wonderful results in groups A,B, and C or in other words in groups below 30 (age) in preventing of Keratoconous development. But , there in no remarkable results in preventing of keratoconous process in above 30 (age) i.e. group D.


There have been wonderful results in patients below 30 (age) in preventing of Keratoconous development , but there haven't been remarkable results in patients over 30.(age) FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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