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Comparison of results after LASEK with repositioned flap and with removed flap

Poster Details

First Author: M.Rau GERMANY

Co Author(s):    M. Igl              

Abstract Details


In order to evaluate and compare the pain on the first day post op, optical recovery and corneal healing between the eyes after LASEK with repositioned flap and with removed flap.


Augenklinik Cham, Germany; Ocni Centrum Dr. Rau, Prague


After creating an epithelial flap, we performed the excimer laser ablation with the 'allegretto' from Alcon. We treated 80 myopic eyes of 40 patients bilaterally in a range of -1,5 D to - 8,25 D with an average of -4,5 D from February 2013 to July 2013. After the superficial laser ablation, in one eye of the same patient the epithelial flap was repositioned, in the other eye removed. We applied a contacted lens in both eyes. The follow up was one day, four days, one month and three month post op. The pain one day post op was evaluated with pain scale from 0 to 5.


The pain one day post op was in average 3,5 in the repositioned group, in the removed group 1,5. The UCVA for distance one day post op was in average 0,43, 4 days post op 0,48, one month post op 0,8 and three month post op 0,98 in the repositioned group. In the other group the UCVA for distance one day post op was in average 0,58, 4 days post op 0,7, one month post op 0,9 and three month post op 1,0.


On the first postoperative day the pain in the eyes with removed epithelial flap was significant less - the UCVA for distance was significant better. The optical recovery in the eyes without repositioned flap was faster. After three month the UCVA for distance is in both groups the same. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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