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Toric multifocal IOL to achieve emmetropia and near vision: 4 year results

Poster Details

First Author: B.Kusa ITALY

Co Author(s):    M. Piovella              

Abstract Details


To evaluate multifocal toric IOL to manage astigmatism and near vision after cataract surgery


C.M.A Centro di Microchirurgia Ambulatoriale, Via Donizetti 24, Monza (Milan)


Eyes with cataract and corneal astigmatism (1.63 ± 0.66 D) had AT LISA toric 909M implantation. IOL calculations were performed using Z-CALC online calculator, taking into account the surgeon SIA. IOL axis alignment during surgery was accurately performed. Outcomes measurements were subjective refraction, corneal astigmatism using ATLAS&trade 9000 Corneal Topography System or Tomey TMS 2 Corneal Tomographer, visual acuity, contrast sensitivity using OPTEC 6500


Study included 35 eyes from 21 patients (mean age 61.80 years ± 14.04 [SD]). Preoperatively, mean BCVA and SE were 0.82 ± 0.21 and -0.13 D ± 4.93 respectively. Patients presented with a mean corneal cylinder and mean refractive cylinder of 1.63 D ± 0.66 and 1.25 D ± 1.02 respectively. 3 years postoperatively, mean monocular UCVA and BCVA were 0.86 ± 0.22 and 0.98 ± 0.04 respectively for far vision. Near monocular UCVA was 25/20 The mean residual refractive cylinder was 0.38 ± 0.32. Photopic contrast sensitivity were within the normal range for lower spatial frequencies.


AT LISA toric 909M is an advanced generation multifocal IOL preferably indicated for bilateral implantation. Clinical outcomes indicate that this is an effective multifocal design to correct corneal astigmatism and to achieve emmetropia and near vision. FINANCIAL INTEREST: One of more of the authors... receives consulting fees, retainer, or contract payments from a company producing, developing or supplying the product or procedure presented

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