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The rule of ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) in the planning for secondary IOL implantation in aphakia

Poster Details

First Author: H.Saad EGYPT

Co Author(s):    R. Elseht   A. Selima   M. El Fiky        

Abstract Details


To evaluate the rule of UBM in the planning for secondary implantation of intra ocular lens (IOL) in aphakia.


Tanta University Eye Hospital in Tanta, Egypt.


Non-comparative, uncontrolled, investigational, descriptive case series.This is an investigational study conducted on 30 aphakic eyes admitted to the ophthalmology hospital at Tanta University for secondary IOL implantation. Preoperative UBM was done for assessment of the posterior capsular integrity in sequential six clocks (12, 3, 5 ,6 ,7 ,9) by longitudinal scanning and translate the results into a diagram . The anterior segment was evaluated as regard the corneal thickness, anterior chamber depth and the ciliary sulcus.


This investigative study involved (30 eyes) of 27 patients, 16 males and 11 females with mean age of 8.39±2.36 years. The cause of aphakia was congenital cataract extraction in 14 eyes (46.7%), aphakia after trauma in 14 eyes (46.7) and after cataract extraction in adults in 2 eyes (6.6%). The ciliary sulcus was preserved in 28 eyes (93.4%) and obliterated in 2 eyes (6.6%). The mean central corneal thickness was 0.61±0.35 mm; the mean anterior chamber depth was 3.03±0.41mm. Posterior capsular synechia was presented in 8 eyes (26.7%) and lens remnants in 11 eyes (36.7%). There was a significant correlation between the data obtained by the UBM preoperatively on posterior capsular rent and the operative one.


UBM is a good investigative machine to evaluate the aphakic eyes for 2ry IOL implantation by good evaluation of the anterior segment and the posterior capsular integrity. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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