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Accuracy of computer graphics made from the ophthalmic operation's 3D image

Poster Details

First Author: K.Fujisawa JAPAN

Co Author(s):    M. Minami   K. Inoue   K. Endo   M. Kito   K. Yoshida   S. Kosuge

Abstract Details


We are always recording the ophthalmic operation in three dimensions (3D). We made computer graphics (CG) of the ophthalmic operation from 3D image, and wanted to analyze the operation after the operation. By making the operation image CG on the computer at various angles it is possible to see by turning the image. When we get the high quality 3D image, we are able to calculate the angle of the apparatus and the iris from the coordinate axis of the CG. We studied accuracy of angle and conditions of the video that can be to make a good CG.


Showa University Northern Yokohama Hospital, Japan.


We requested the CG technology development from the Panasonic healthcare company. We cut out the still picture from 3D record image. We made 3D CG data from the still picture, and displayed by using MeshLab of Open Source Software. We were placed at 40 degrees and 10 degrees the metal rod on three kinds of background. We made 3D CG of that as well as surgery. Three kinds were white, lattice pattern and random. We moved a point of convergence .


Accuracy of the angle was ±5degrees. When the background was white, CG of the background was not good image. In lattice pattern and random, CG of the background were good image. If there was an object in front of the point of convergence, the accuracy of the CG was good. Measured angle was not affected by the zoom magnification.


We believe that it is useful for the development of operation equipment, for the verification of the operation accidents and for operation educational purposes etc. doing the analysis that used 3DCG of the ophthalmic operation. But improvement of accuracy is required. FINANCIAL INTEREST: One of more of the authors... receives nonNONEmonetary benefits from a competing company.

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