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Comparison of intraocular pressure of both eyes in patients with unilateral pseudoexfoliation

Poster Details

First Author: A.Sharifi IRAN

Co Author(s):    H. Sharifi   G. Sharif           

Abstract Details


To compare intraocular pressure(IOP) of both eyes of patents with unilateral pseudoexfoliation (PXF).


Shafa Medical Center -Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman- Iran


In a cross- sectional study from January 2011 to June 2012, 79 patients with unilateral PXF were studied. The patients were examined with slit lamp, first with constricted and then dilated pupils (after instillation of tropicamide 1%). Patients with exfoliation material on pupil margin or anterior lens surface of one eye were included in the study. The age, sex, involved eye, intraocular pressure were evaluated. Patients with history of intraocular surgery , those on antigaucoma medication and patients with bilateral PXF were excluded.


The age of patients was 55-93(71.3±7.4) years. 49(62%) patients were male. IOP of involved eyes was 8-68(18.78±11.25) mmHg and noninvolved eyes 4-32(13.67±4.5)mmHg (P<0.0005). IOP of noninvolved eyes was increased with increasing pressure of involved eyes (P<0.005). With increasing age, the amount of IOP in involved eyes was increased (P<0.05) , but not about noninvolved eyes (P=0.63).


PXF is a major risk factor for increasing IOP. Since PXF seems to be a systemic disorder, noninvolved eyes may be at risk to become involved and IOP must be checked in both eyes, although involved eyes are more susceptible. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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