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ExPRESS glaucoma filtration device implantation in a case of microcornea

Poster Details

First Author: T.Komar HUNGARY

Co Author(s):    Á. Vadnay   P. Vámosi           

Abstract Details


EX-PRESS Glaucoma Filtration Device is an alternative to trabeculectomy for glaucoma managment. We report an EX-PRESS device implantation in a case of microcornea.


Department of Ophthalmology, Péterfy Sándor Street Hospital and Outpatient Department and National Traumatogy Institute Budapest, Hungary.


54- year- old microcorneal caucasian female patient came to our outpatient department suffering from Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) on her both eyes. Despite the triple combination of antiglaucoma therapy (brimonidine+timolol+bimatoprost) her intraocular pressure was subcompensated on her eyes. Earlierly trabeculectomy was performed on her left eye with poor vision (BCVA: 20/1000), which lost it's good function after the initial 6 weeks, because of scarring of the filtration bleb. Therefore, on the right eye with good vision (BCVA 20/25) we decided to implant a 200 μm inner diameter EX-PRESS device.


The surgery was performed without any complication doing maximal efforts on positioning the device. In the postoperative 1 month period the patient was administered with tobramycin + dexamethasone therapy. The intraocular pressure in the right eye is compensated for the last 10 months without any antiglaucoma therapy. Postoperative BCVA was 20/20 on the right eye. No postoperative complications were found following implantation of the device.


Patients suffering from uncompensated POAG combined with microcornea an EX-PRESS device implantation might solve the problem, however careful preoperative examination of the anterior segment is needed. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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