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Bilateral lens dislocation following YAG laser peripheral iridotomy

Poster Details

First Author: M.Jovanovic SERBIA

Co Author(s):    V. Marković   B. Dačić-Krnjaja   D. Risimić        

Abstract Details


To show that YAG laser peripheral iridotomy induce the state of zonular dialysis and as a consequence a cristaline lens dislocation to anterior chamber.


Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Clinc for Eye Diseases, Clinical Centre of Serbia


Iridotomy is a surgical procedure when the hole is made in the iris of the eye, thus enabling a connection between anterior and posterior chamber and resolving a problem of a pupilary block to treat angle closure glaucoma. We are presenting a case of 48 years old woman with indentified acute glaucoma of the left eye. YAG laser bilateral peripheral iridotomy was done.Two periferial iridotomies were performed on the right eye at 9 oʹclock and 15 oʹclock, and on the left eye on the three positions: 9 oʹclock, 12 oʹclock and 15 oʹclock,


The dislocation of the crystalline lens towards the anterior chamber occurred in the left eye three months after the surgical procedure, and 11 months later the dislocation of the cristalline lens occurred in the right eye to the anterior chamber in this patient.


Performing laser iridotomy on eyes of patients suffering from angle closed glaucoma was not a simple intervention. It may be followed by complications and the worst known are zonulolysis and crystalline lens dislocation. Therfore we should inform the patient about this fact before the surgery. We recommend: 1. Laser iridotomy should be performed on the one eye at the time, never bilaterally, with a few months interstice, 2.While performing the treatment , the smallest possible laser power should be used, 3. In some cases,,instead of laser iridotomy, we suggest surgical basal iridectomy with scissors through incision on limbus. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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