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Risk factors and target intraocular pressure in primary open-angle glaucoma

Poster Details

First Author: V.Fokin RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    A. Schava   S. Balalin           

Abstract Details


to study whether age, blood pressure, glaucoma stage, corneal thickness and anterior-posterior ocular globe size have impact on level of target pressure in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma viewed from a perspective of tolerant pressure.


The S.N. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution Volgograd branch


there were examined 1310 patients (1638 eyes) with primary open-angle glaucoma and 365 healthy persons (640 eyes). We studied relationship between tolerant intraocular pressure and target pressure with consideration to risk factors of glaucoma progression.


mean value of true tolerant IOP in glaucoma patients equaled 16,5±0,1 mm Hg, which exceeds mean value of individual pressure in healthy persons by 2,5 mm Hg (P<0,001). Multivariative analysis made it possible to find the relationship between tolerant IOP, patient's age, diastolic blood pressure, central corneal thickness (CCT), anterior-posterior ocular globe size (APS) in patients with initial glaucoma stage: P0 tl = 19,6+0,056*diast. BP - 0,015*Age - 0,78*APS+0,021 CCT. Primary open-angle glaucoma progression induced decrease of tolerant pressure: on average by 0,3 mm Hg with every primary open-angle glaucoma stage.


decrease of tolerant IOP in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma is registered in dependence with patient's ageing, growth of anterior-posterior ocular globe size (APS), lowering of blood pressure, decrement of central corneal thickness and glaucoma progression. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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