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Three stage management of a case of ruptured globe and intractable glaucoma

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First Author: P.Bhomaj INDIA

Co Author(s):    S. Bhomaj              

Abstract Details


Aadi (aurolab aqueous drainage implant) shunt to control intractable glaucoma in a case of ruptured globe


Shantisaroj netralay


Young male patient with intractable glaucoma with previous failed trabeculectomy surgery was planned to under go Aadi implant. The patient had ruptured globe with lens expulsion and total aniridia at presentation due to blunt trauma. The primary surgery of iris abscission and corneal tear repair was done. And secondary sceral fixation IOL was done. Post surgery after one month the patient had clear media, the vitreous hemorrhage resolved but the patient developed secondary open angle glaucoma . The trabeculectomy with MMC was done . The trabeculectomy failed in one month as the eye was very inflamed . Needling with 5fu was done. All the procedure to reduce Intraocular pressure failed. The patient had poor vision and raised Intraocular pressure with severe pain not controlled on medications. Patient started developing ciliary staphyloma.hence the Aadi shunt was planned which is similar to molteno implant with similar results. The standard surgery done. The tube of the shunt ligated with vicryl suture. The patient has well controlled IOP two months post operative and has visual acuity of 6/24 with correction


Well controlled Iop after two months of surgery and good visual recovery


Addi shunt is useful in intractable. Timely management saved the eye from becoming painful blind eye. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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