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Femtosecond arcuate incision in paediatric patients: challenging cases

Poster Details

First Author: L.Buzzonetti ITALY

Co Author(s):    G. Petrocelli   P. Valente   S. Petroni        

Abstract Details


to evaluate the efficacy of femtosecond arcuate incision to correct irregular astigmatism in pediatric patients.


Bambino Gesù IRCCS Children's Hospital, Rome, Italy


two pediatric patients (2 and a 16 years old; patient A and B respectively) underwent arcuate incisions performed by IntraLase 60 KHz femtosecond laser (Abbot Medical Optics). Patient A presented a corneal scar after penetrating trauma with 11 diopters of residual astigmatism, while patient B showed an high post-penetrating keratoplasty refractive error (Corrected Distance Visual Acuity, CDVA, 4/10 with -12sph and -4cyl axis 50° - 0.8 with foramen; intolerance to contact lenses). Pre- and postoperative CDVA, corneal topography and aberrometry were evaluated by Sirius scheimplflug camera (CSO). Follow up is 48 months.


4 years after surgery and rehabilitation therapy patient A CDVA is 9/10 EU with +1sph and -6 cyl axis 80°, while, after arcuate incision and sequential Phakic IOL implantation, patient B CDVA is 10/10 with +0.50sph. In both patients total aberrations decreased for 3.0 and 5.0mm diameter.


: In selected pediatric patients new refractive surgical approaches could be evaluated in the attempt to correct high refractive errors and treat amblyogenic astigmatism, also avoiding the need of keratoplasty. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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