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The first clinical results of treatment of keratoconus in patients with a thin cornea: an advanced technique of corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL)

Poster Details

First Author: S.Kostenev RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    I. Iskakov   V. Chernykh           

Abstract Details


To examine the effectiveness and safety of operation an advanced method of a CXL at patients with cornea thickness less than 400 microns.


S.N. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex, Novosibirsk Branch


As material of research the group of 5 patients (5 eyes), with keratoconus served the I-II degree (M. Amsler). Middle age made 32±4,8 years. Average thickness of a cornea in the central zone (3,0 mm) made 386±26,5 microns. Preoperatively and 1, 3, 6, and 12 months after surgery, a full ophthalmic examination was performed. CXL carried out with use of the contact lens executed from poly-2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate-co-methacrylic acid with the content of water of 53 - 57%, and with possibility of a transmission ≥ 90% of a long-wave ultraviolet ≈ 400 nanometers (UV-A) that almost completely corresponds to degree of a transmission of this type of an ultraviolet a layer of an epithelium and cornea stroma (thereby increasing the general thickness). Pre- and postoperative complete ophthalmic examination including uncorrected and best spectacle corrected visual acuity, corneal topography Zyotix (Bausch&Lomb), OCT (Optovue), ORA (Reichert, Germany) was done.


At all patients in a month after operation the cornea flattening on the average on 2,64±0,81 D was noted. Decrease in a cylindrical component was noted on the average on 0,95±0,51 D, spherical - on 1,43±0,77 D.UCVA increase on the average for 1 - 2 lines and BCVA for 1 line was observed in a month after treatment. According to ORA, at the surveyed patients with keratoconus in a month after carrying out CXL with contact lens (without UV filter) the insignificant increase in CH with 6,92±1,05 to 8,43±0,89 and CRF with 6,49±0,63 to 8,04±1,12 mm Hg was noted. After operation performance at all patients insignificant decrease in quantity the endothelial of cages - for 10% of preoperatively value was registered.


Use of the developed method of treatment allows to carry out crosslinking procedure at patients with keratoconus in cases, when the central thickness of a cornea less than 400 microns after epithelial removal. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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