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Cross-linking in post radial keratotomy ectasia

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First Author: D.Horodynska POLAND

Co Author(s):                  

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To present the effect of crosslinking (CXL) as a treatment of post radial keratotomy ( RK ) ectasia (case report).


Medical Center 'MAVIT', Warsaw, Poland


44 year-old male ( who had RK 23 years before ) was referred to our center because of worsing of the vision in his left eye. The uncorrected visual acuity ( UCVA ) of his left eye was 0,3 with no improvement with spectacle correction, but the stenopeic trou improved his vision up to 0,8. The intraocular pressure was 16mmHg. There were 16 corneal radial incisions in his left eye. Pentacam showed steepening of inferior part of the cornea and thinning of infero-temporal paracentral cornea. The post RK ectasia was diagnosed. On 27th of January 2014 epi-off crosslinking of his left eye was performed ( Dresden protocol, diameter 9mm, Lightmed lamp).


One month after CXL the improvement of UCVA and BCVA of his left eye was observed ( UCVA= 0,4, BCVA= 0,5-0,6 with +4,0D cyl ax 15 ) with slight changes in corneal topography.


The first month's results after CXL used for treating post RK ectasia are promising in our case (longer follow-up will be presented). FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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