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A combination approach to the management of pellucid marginal degeneration

Poster Details

First Author: A.Doraisamy INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Venkataraman              

Abstract Details


To evaluate the effectiveness of modified repair and Corneal Collagen Crosslinking in progressive Pellucid Marginal Degeneration.


The study was done by analysis of case records of 2 surgeons at 2 different hospitals from India


In a retrospective study the notes of 8 patients (10 eyes) treated by corneal wedge excision were reviewed. All patients had typical PMD and were treated by excision of an inferior crescent of diseased corneal tissue. The excised area measured approximately 2 mm in width and extended from the 4 o'clock to the 8 o'clock meridian. All thinned corneal tissue was removed. Normal-thickness corneal stroma was then re-apposed with 10/0 nylon sutures. Corneal Collagen Cross-linking was performed to stabilize the cornea.Post-operative selective suture removal was performed until a satisfactory visual and astigmatic result was achieved. This was guided by refraction, keratometry and photo-keratoscopy results.


Pre-operative best corrected visual acuity ranged from 6/12 to 6/60 with an associated mean keratometric astigmatism of +11.8 dioptres. Mean follow-up was 29 months (range 6-48 months).Post-operatively a stable corrected visual acuity of 6/9 or better was achieved in all cases in a mean time of 5.4 months (range 3-12 months). Mean post-operative keratometric astigmatism was 1.4 dioptres (range 0.5-4 dioptres).


Modified corneal wedge excision with corneal collagen crosslinking offers an excellent surgical result for PMD patients FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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