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Clinical outcomes of corneal arcuate incisions for astigmatism correction during femto-cataract procedure done by the high frequency FEMTO LDV Z6 PowerPlus

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First Author: B.Pajic SWITZERLAND

Co Author(s):    I. Vastardis   B. Pajic-Eggspuehler           

Abstract Details


To assess astigmatism correction done by the customize corneal arcuate incision with the femtosecond laser during Femto-Cataract procedure


ORASIS Eye Clinic, Swiss Eye Research Foundation, Reinach AG, Switzerland


Performance of the FEMTO LDV Z6 PowerPlus is evaluated in vivo for astigmatism correction by corneal arcuate incision during cataract surgery. 12 eyes were analysed following cataract surgery. Analysis was done using topography, wavefront measurement, corneal OCT, confocal corneal laser-scanning microscopy and clinical examinations


The diameter of the main incision were for all patients 2.2mm and was done in the steep part of the cornea. The mean preoperative astigmatism were 2.21 D and decreases in mean at day 1 at 0.66, day 3 at 0.83, day 10 at 0.42, week 4 at 0.39 and week 6 at 0.40, what is statistically significant (p<0.01). The Higher Order Aberration RMS increases in mean from 1.02 at 1.05 after 6 weeks, what is not statistically significant (p=0.107). Thus it remains stable


The astigmatism correction by corneal arcuate incisions with FEMTO LDV Z6 PowerPlus results of a highly predictable astigmatism control during cataract surgery FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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