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Nucleus management tips and pearls in phaco and SICS

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First Author: D.Nath INDIA

Co Author(s):                  

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To study variety of techniques in Phacoemulsification and in MSICS according to the grade of cataract and the size of nucleus


Dharmendra eye center Agra - India


Phacoemulsification and Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery are the mostWidely practiced methods of cataract surgery and mastering both is desirable. We have gone through a journey elucidating the avoidance of pitfalls of Phaco and SICS. Total 350 cases were selected with exclusion criteria phacoemulsification and SICS was performed in Topical / Peribulbar anaesthesia. Stop and chop and Quick chop modifications were performed during Phacoemulsification. Phacosandwich/Phacosection/MD-II Procedure were performed . To achieve best Visual outcome endothelial protection done under soft-shell technique. The video assisted presentation will have all chopping techniques and the way to Perform Phacosandwich/Phacosection/MD-IIProcedure in different grades of Cataracts and on the size of hard core nucleus.


Endothelial damage and PC repture were more in very hard cases during Phacoemulsification. To get pristine cornea in very hard cataract and if nucleus Core is more then7.5mm-8mm SICS techniques are the best to protect endothelium and PC Repture.


Phaco is good for cataract grade i,ii,iii,iv. SICS procedure is good in very hard cataract/Nigra/Morgagnion. SICS saves time ,fast, economical and bails out surgeons from landing many complications. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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