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Femtosecond cataract surgery without viscoelastics

Poster Details

First Author: E.Artiaga-Elordi SPAIN

Co Author(s):    P. Tañá   M. Ibartz   M. Gisbert        

Abstract Details


To evaluate the safety of intraocular lens implantation without the use of viscoelastics after femtosecond laser cataract surgery.


Hospital Moncloa, Madrid. Clínica Vistahermosa, Alicante, Spain. Oftalvist Group.


Fifty (50) patients with bilateral cataracts underwent cataract surgery during which femtosecond laser was used for performing anterior capsulotomy, corneal incision and softening of the nucleus. The softened nucleus and the residual material were then aspirated. Viscoelastic was used for intraocular lens implantation in one eye and not in the contralateral eye, in which the anterior chamber was maintained with balanced saline solution instead of viscoelastic. Pre and post-surgical intraocular pressure (IOP) was evaluated and the endothelial cell count was determined before the procedure and two months later in both groups of eyes.


No complications developed in the 50 eyes that underwent surgery without viscoelastic, either during the procedure or within the following two months. No differences were found between the groups with regard to post-surgical IOP and endothelial cell count after two months of follow-up.


The good architecture of the corneal incisions achieved by femtosecond laser means that the use of viscoelastics during intraocular lens implantation can be circumvented. This is a safe technique that can reduce the rate of post-surgical pressure peaks and the costs of surgery by avoiding the use of viscoelastics at the time and subsequently the possible use of antiglaucomatous drugs after surgery. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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