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Patient survey as an instrument of continuous process optimization: a six year conclusion

Poster Details

First Author: A.Werner GERMANY

Co Author(s):    J. Foerster   D. Holland   T. Herbst        

Abstract Details


The aim of this presentation is to show, how a yearly patient survey may be used in order to identify deficits in process structure, to introduce appropriate measures and to control their success.


Data base for analyses results from yearly patient survey, which were conducted in the Eye Hospital Bellevue, Kiel, Germany. 1.000 patients who were treated within a year and who were chosen randomly were asked to fill out a questionnaire. In total, empirical data of six survey waves were used. With the help of a six-point Likert scale, patient were ask to assess their own satisfaction according to different aspects of their hospital stay.


For patient survey, we used a self-developed questionnaire, which included 81 items and used a 6-point Likert scale. Items were dealing with medical outcome, satisfaction with particular aspect of patient pathway and non-medical factor (e.g. service aspects). Subgroups for statistical analyses were formed according to different variables. For basic analyses, Mann-Whitney-U-Test and Kruskal-Wallis were used in order to identify significant differences. In case of metric variables, ordinary t-test was used.


Mean response rate was 54.6 %. Certain aspects of the survey showed significant differences for variables like surgeon. Significant differences in certain aspects were identified for the actor 'surgeon' With the help of a multi-year examination of empirical data, case reports will show, how deficits in certain process flows were identified, how appropriate actions were induced and how their success were controlled.


A high patient satisfaction seems to be an increasingly important goal for every health care provider. For six years, the Eye Hospital Bellevue is conducting yearly patient surverys in order to optimize its process and outcome quality, which in turn leads to patient satisfaction. Used Questionnaire included 81 questions dealing with different aspects of a hospital stay. Assessment of single items occurred on a six-point Likert scale. Average response rate was 54.6 %. Significant differences were identified for different variables and subgroups. On the basis of different case report, we will demonstrate how the instrument of a continuous patient survey may be used in order to identify possible deficits, to introduce appropriate actions and to control their success. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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