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Carving a niche for AcrySof ReSTOR family in the treatment of cataract and presbyopia: 6 year experience

Poster Details

First Author: K.Vodickova CZECH REPUBLIC

Co Author(s):    O. Vlasak   V. Kalandrova   T. Jurecka        

Abstract Details


To evaluate the clinical results of implantation of Acrysof Restor family lenses in presbyopic and cataract patients.


Neovize Eye Clinic, Vinicni 235, Brno, Czech Republic


This retrospective multicentric study consists of 827 eyes that underwent bilateral or unilateral implantations of Acrysof Restor ( addition +3,0; +2,5) and mix implantations (addition +3,0 with +2,5). All patients underwent surgery in Neovize Eye Clinic and its sister clinics Duovize Eye Clinic Prague and Neovizia Eye Clinic Bratislava. Patiens were divided into Restor 2,5 group and Restor 3,0 group. In Restor 2,5 group (28 eyes) the mean UCVA was 0,51±0,26; mean preoperative (preop) sphere +2,08 ±2,8 ; mean preop cylinder (cyl) -0,67±0,49. In Restor 3,0 group ( 799 eyes) the mean UCVA was 0,37±0,26; mean preop sphere +2,03±2,85; mean preop cyl was -0,68±0,61.


Results were evaluated in terms of safety, stability and efficacy. One month postoperatively, in Restor 2,5 group the mean UCVA was 1,15±0,18; mean sphere +0,53±0,33; mean cyl -0,63±0,38. In Restor 3,0 group the mean UCVA was 0,96±0,24; mean sphere +0,35±0,56; mean cyl -0,65±0,4.


Acrysof Restor family plays a major role among multifocal eye implants. Large group of implantations and long follow-up period create firmly based recommendations concerning indication criteria and patients selection, IOL power calculation and surgery process. Our goal was to achieve a high level of spectacle freedom with required visual acuity at far, intermediate and distance tasks. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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