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Comparative evaluation of endothelial cell loss after cataract phacoemulsification

Poster Details

First Author: I.Igor Remesnikov KAZAKHSTAN

Co Author(s):    V. KIm    Y. Mechsheryakova           

Abstract Details


To compare the corneal endothelial cells density (ECD) loss before and after phacoemulsification depending on cataract maturity.


'ASTANA VISION', Astana, Kazakhstan


A comparative study of 31 patients (31 eyes) with age-related cataract I-II degree of maturity, which constituted the Group I: male - 11 (36 %), female - 20 (64%). Age of patients ranged 48 to 86 years. The Group I was divided into two subgroups: Subgroup Ia with initial ECD not more than 2.300 cells/mm², mean value 2050 cells/mm² (range from 1723 to 2300 cells/mm²) - 17 cases and Subgroup Ib with an initial ECD more than 2.300 cells/mm², the mean value 1860 cells/mm² (range 1421 to 2300 cells/mm²) - 14 cases. In the Group I mean CDE (cumulative dissipated energy) was 10 sec. The Group II consisted of 8 patients (8 eyes) with a mature cataract III-IV degree, mean ECD 2420.6 cells/mm² (range 1623 to 3012 cells/mm²). In Group II were 4 male (50 %) and 4 female (50 %). Age ranged from 62 to 83 years. In the Group II mean CDE was 25 sec. Patients underwent phacoemulsification on Infiniti phacoemulsification system with OZil torsional handpiece (Alcon). In all patients before surgery and at 3 months Post Op ECD count was performed using specular microscope SP-3000P (Topcon).


In Group I at 3 months Post Op ECD decreased by an average of 8 %, but this difference is beyond the statistical significance (p > 0.05). In the Subgroup Ia ECD loss was 9%, to an average of 1860 cells/mm² (range from 1421 to 2300 cells/mm²). In the Subgroup Ib loss of ECD was 6%, to an average of 2446 cells/mm² (range from 1753 to 2823 cells/mm²), but this difference is also outside the range of statistical significance (p > 0.05). This indicates no effect on the ECD dynamics from its initial value at the cataracts I-II degree maturity with minimal intraoperative ultrasound impact on the eye structures. In Group II with cataract maturity grade III-IV ECD at 3 months after surgery decreased on 29%, to 1710 cells/mm² (range from 1230 to 2311 cells/mm²) and the difference is in the area of significance (p < 0.05). In 2 cases (25%) in the Group II in early postoperative period was observed corneal edema 2-3 stage. In any case of the study groups were not signed the development of epithelial-endothelial corneal dystrophy.


Phacoemulsification procedure is preferably must be performed in the earliest possible surgical stage of cataract maturity. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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