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Comparison of dominant and non-dominant hand phacoemulsification surgery

Poster Details

First Author: B.Kavsut TURKEY

Co Author(s):    Z. Tuncbilek   S. Ozcan   N. Solmaz   A. Onder     

Abstract Details


to compare the outcomes of phacoemulsification surgery with dominant and nondominant hands


Haseki Education and Research Hospital.Turkey


prospectiva randomize study. 80 eyes of 72 patients who underwent phacoemulsification surgery divided into two groups. surgeons sat at the patient's head and all patients operated through temporal clear corneal incision. left eyes were operated with left hand( nondominant hand) the patient were followed up at week 1, month 1 and 3. keratometry, specular microscopy and optical coherence tomography were performed preoperatively, at month 1 and3. phaco time, cumulative dissipated energy and total fluid used were recorded. surgically induced astigmatism was calculated by means of vector analysis. endoteliai cell loss and the change in macular thickness measurements evaluated at month 1 and 3. student's t test and mann whitney u test wew used for statistical analysis.


there were no statistically difference in all of the intraoperative and postoperative outcomes. phaco time, cumulative dissipated energy and total fluid used were comparable in two groups (respectively p>0,275, p>0,762, p>0,438). mean induced astigmatism was respectively 0,58 and 0,36 at month 1 and 3 with dominant hand, was 0,63 and 0,40 with nondominant hand (p>0,996 at month 1, p>0,919 at month 3). macular thickness measurement were correlate in two groups(p>0,776 at month1, p>0,736 at month 3) endotelial cell loss counts were 429,3 and 493,3 ath month 1 and 3 respectively with dominant hand, were 328,6 and 347,4 at month 1 and 3 with nondominant hand. although endotelial cell loss counts were fewer with nondominant hand, this alteration was not meaningfull in statistically analysis. (p>0,203 at month 1, p>0,054 at month 3)


ability of performing surgery with both hands brings advantages on the conditions that surgeons can not shift the position or perform surgery on the different axis for less astigmatism. surgery can be performed with nondominant hand with good surgical outcomes. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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