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Accolens: the new PCO-preventing accommodative IOL

Poster Details

First Author: M.Dvali GEORGIA

Co Author(s):    B. Sirbiladze   N. Tsintsadze   N. Sharazadashvili        

Abstract Details


To create foldable accommodative design to find a better ways to see well without glasses and for preventing PCO.


Tbilisi State Medical University, Eye Clinic 'Akhali Mzera'


Cataract surgery is becoming the refractive one - aiming not only treat the cataract but making the patients less defended on glasses or contact lenses; and the secondary cataract is one of the frequent and, thanks to current technologies, 'harmless' complications of cataract surgery. There are several types of foldable IOLs in Modern cataract surgery, destined for the correction of refractive errors & presbyopia, and posterior capsule opacification prevention but the topic is still of current interest. It seems that complete removal of epithelial cells of Crystalline lens during phacoemulsification is impossible. So part of them migrate to posterior capsule, proliferate and resulted in fibrous membranes that grow across the posterior capsule, locate in between implanted IOL's posterior surface and posterior capsule and disturb vision.


The technical novelty is that the intraocular lens comprises optics, four haptic elements and the circular groove at junction allowing the lens optics' maximal movement forward and back in the process of accommodation. Every haptic element has the oval hole for manipulation with hook to implant them one by one in the capsular bag. Those haptics creates the closed circle when IOl inserted in the capsular bag. The 360 degree barrier of square edge creates PCO protection.


The provided model of IOL with square and circular (after implantation) edge can provide the good accommodation and contribute blocking the posterior movement of the lens epithelial cells at the equator to reduce the rate of PCO further. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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