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Protective effect of preoperative mannitolization on corneal endothelium in cataract surgery

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First Author: Y.Ahn SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s):    Y. Cho   J. Lee           

Abstract Details


To evaluate whether intravenous injection of mannitol before phacoemulsification-cataract surgery can have a protective effect on corneal endothelium in an early postoperative period.


Department of Ophthalmology, St. Vincent's Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea


Patients undergoing sequential bilateral cataract surgery were divided into two groups, 36 eyes with anterior chamber depth(ACD) below 2.50mm (Group A) and 44 eyes with ACD above 2.50mm (Group B). In each group, preoperative intravenous injection of mannitol was performed in one of the both eyes in a patient, with a random selection. The specular microscopic examination including cell density(ECD), Coefficient of variation(CV), Hexagonality(HA) of corneal endothelium and corneal thickness was done at postoperative day 1, week 2 and week 5. In each group, those parameters were compared between the eyes with mannitolization and the contralateral eyes without mannitolization.


In group A, eyes with preoperative mannitolization showed significantly more ECD at postoperative day 1 and week 5, and showed significantly thinner cornea at postoperative day 1 than those without mannitolization.(all p's<0.05) However, in group B, there was no significant difference of ECD, CV, HA and corneal thickness between the eyes with mannitolization and those without mannitolization.


Preoperative mannitolization before phacoemulsification has an effect to protect the corneal endothelial cells in an early postoperative period and the protective effect was more significant in eyes with shallow anterior chamber. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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