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IOL-assisted management of posterior capsular rupture (PCR) during phacoemulsification with nuclear segment in situ

Poster Details

First Author: V.Sahni INDIA

Co Author(s):    K. Agarwal   M. Saxena           

Abstract Details


To discuss the technique of IOL assisted management of nuclear segment/pieces after PCR during Phacoemulsification


Kaushalya Devi Eye Institute Pilibhit UP India


As soon as PCR is detected chamber is formed using dispersive OVD and Phaco probe is withdrawn . Using Sinsekie hook and OVD canula nuclear segment is maneuvered into the Anterior Chamber (AC). Three piece foldable IOL is inserted into the eye, lower haptic going into the sulcus and upper haptic into the anterior chamber. Segment/pieces are emulsified in AC using lower settings. Cortical matter/epinucleus is removed from behind the lens. If vitreous is present in AC at any time vitrectomy is performed. If there is appropriate support IOL is maneuvered in the capsular bag otherwise into the sulcus


Using Foldable IOL as barrier to vitreous gives enough support for emulsification of segments in anterior chamber and keep vitreous away. Out of nine cases we have done so far we had Hyphema, early rise in IOP, and corneal edema in two cases, slightly decentered IOL in two cases decreased BCVA in two cases due to CME. This technique gives very good results and there is no need to convert.


Foldable IOL assisted PCR management is very good technique to avoid further vitreous loss and need of conversion FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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