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A patient underwent retinal detachment surgery after large posterior capsulotomy with Nd-YAG laser

Poster Details

First Author: Y.Nakai JAPAN

Co Author(s):    Y. Shono   B. Kyoko           

Abstract Details


To report a patient with retinal detachment developed after large posterior capsulotomy of 8 mm in diameter using Nd-YAG laser for after cataract following cataract surgery (conducted in another hospital) and treated with combined vitrectomy.


A 69 year-old male patient underwent phacoemulsification and aspiration and intraocular lens implantation for the right eye two years ago.


He noticed lowered visual acuity associated with after cataract four months ago and large posterior capsulotomy was conducted in another hospital. Floaters, reduced visual acuity and visual field defect developed and the patient visited our hospital. Bullous retinal detachment was found in the superior fundus of the right eye.


25-gauge vitrectomy was immediately conducted, fluid-air exchange, intraocular laser, and SF6 gas injection. The retina was reattached and visual acuity of the right eye improved to 20/40 (20/25 x -1.75 D).


Vitreal traction and retinal detachment can develop due to physical and biochemical changes caused by Nd-YAG laser operation in posterior capsulotomy. Therefore total energy and incision size should be minimized as much as possible. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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