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Results, side effects, complications and patient feedback by a patient experience questionnaire (PEQ) of more than 50,000 'sub-tenon's anaesthesia' on consecutive intraocular lens implantation (IOL)

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First Author: D.Lerch GERMANY

Co Author(s):    J. Venter   M. James           

Abstract Details


To report on more than 50,000 Subtenon Blocks since 2006. The Subtenon's have been performed as the sole anaesthesia technique on consecutive, utmost elective IOL procedures.


Optical Express UK and Ireland


This retrospective study includes all 50,000 consecutive eyes treated since 2006 for IOL. Average age was 52 (18 ->90 years). All patient received Subtenon Blocks using a plastic cannula contributing to high efficacy and minimal Chemosis with a novel Anti-Haemorraghe Technique. All patients without contraindications received a mild Conscious Sedation adapted to age, medical and general condition. Sedation has increased by 50% for second IOL procedure performed on each patient. The Anaesthetists who performed Subtenons have different level of experience, but are all trained and supervised in the standardized technique by an Anaesthetist with extensive experience of more than 15,000 Subtenons. A Screenshot of 674 consecutive Subtenon's have been scored separately. Patients individual and subjective perception was sampled by a PEQ representing a >90% feedback quotation.


Due to standardization of the technique and because of the use of a Plastic Cannula instead of the common metal one, the efficacy was 100% and a mild Chemosis appeared for same reason in less than 5% of cases. Subconjunctival Haemorraghe appeared in less than 5% of cases due to a novel and own invented Anti-Haemorraghe Technique. An efficient anaesthesia in combination with low dose sedation that is adapted on the patient condition produces a satisfactory and highly relaxed patients journey due to excellent operation conditions by a substantial reduction of the Surgical-Risk. The increase of the sedation in relation to the individually dose applied on 1st eye keeps the Satisfaction Score(SC) for 2nd procedure on same level above 9 out of 10. Without an increase the SC drops by at least one point. 98 % of the patients are very satisfied and would recommend the procedure to relatives and friends!


Standardization of the Low Risk Subtenon's procedure increases the efficacy, reduces side effects, avoids complication and increases surgeon's safety. In combination with the mild conscious sedation the patient's satisfaction improves considering the psychologically condition around the actual operations journey. This mild sedation, with an anterograde Amnesia producing drug like Midazolam, is a doubtless help to support and improve patient's satisfaction. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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