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Malosa Medical

Find us at Booth: G02

Website address: www.malosa.com

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Malosa Medical is a specialist manufacturer of high quality single-use surgical instruments and procedure packs for Ophthalmology. With our wholly British owned Factory near Shanghai and our UK based packing and warehousing facility, we control all aspects of manufacturing – we can deliver the best quality at factory direct prices.


Find us at Booth: G03

Website address: www.mlogics.com

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Company information not available


Find us at Booth: F02

Website address: www.medicare-htm.com

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Medicare quality vision Intraocular lenses capsular, capsular tension rings, viscoelastics, … Excimer and femtosecond laser multisite concept (rental with assistance). HTM Laser Centers. Distribution of Lightmed lasers, …

Medicontur Intl SA

Find us at Booth: G24

Website address: www.medicontur.com

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Medicontur: Platform Bi-Flex, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, toric and multifocal, Preloaded. Aptissen: Viscoelastic products and glaucoma implant Healaflow.


Find us at Booth: G16

Website address: www.mediphacos.com

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EXTENSIVE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO covering the keratoconus treatment field, including the pioneering Keraring intra-corneal ring, the Esclera scleral contact lens, as well as corneal crosslinking. Combined with its cataract product line, Mediphacos provides surgeons with a full-range of innovative and premium quality tools.


Find us at Booth: G13

Website address: www.moria-surgical.com

Company contacts: details currently being updated

For nearly two centuries, Moria is a specialized manufacturer of ophthalmic surgical instrumentation and equipment:
•Corneal transplantation: systems and devices for DSAEK, UT-DSAEK, DMEK, DALK, ALTK and PK surgeries
•LASIK surgery: high performance microkeratomes
•Hand-held instruments: comprehensive and high quality instrumentation, reusable all-metal or Composites, and One single-use range.