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LASEK surgery and pregnancy

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First Author: Mohammad aliZeinolabedin Moshref IRAN

Co Author(s):    Hassan Zeinolabedin Moshref   Hossein Moshref   Fatemeh Nader Tubeni        

Abstract Details


The purpose of this research is Lasek surgery and it’s related factors during pregnancy and after that.


: Lasek Surgery And Pregnanncy


We studied 50 pregnant woman in this research. we take into consideration some variables for them before , during and one year after the end of pregnancy . This study last 6 years . This variables were refraction , thinnest cornea . Patients who exposed to some changes are shown in the following table:


According to this research , there is refraction and thinnest cornea changes during and even one year after pregnancy.It’s better to avoid lasek surgery in patients who are pregnant till one year after the end of pregnancy.


Based on this research , there is some changes in refraction and thinnest cornea till one year after the end of pregnancy. So that it will lead to negative results relating to lasek surgery. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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