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Dry eye complication in patients after LASEK surgery and spectrum types of applied cures

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First Author: Mohammad aliZeinolabedin Moshref IRAN

Co Author(s):    Hassan Zeinolabedin Moshref   Hossein Moshref   Fatemeh Nader Tubeni        

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Applying an extensive spectrum of existing cures to dry eyes resulted from complications relating to Lasek Suregery.


: Dry Eye Complication In Patients After Lasek Surgery And Spectrum Types Of Applied Cures.


In this research which has been lasted since 2007 – 2012 , some level of dry eye has been reported in 828 patients among 6460 patients totally. Fallowing table resulted from these therapy performances: Our therapy performances were as follows: 1)Applying Synthesized Tear 2)Punctal Plugs 3)Applying Tetracyclines 4)Permit Punctal Occlusion


According to this research , we can conclude that 828 (12.5%) patients suffered from dry eye . Among them 802 (96.8%) were cured by synthesized tear drop , 12 (1.4%) by Tertracyclines ,10(1.2%) by punctal plugs , and 4 (0.4%) by permant punctal occlusion.


Based on 5 years study and research , we conclude that the best therapy in dry eye following with Lasek Surgery is synthesized tear drop. It is possible to do surgery rarely and in certain cases. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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