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Fourier domain OCT as a tool to detect early haze post photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)

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First Author: PallaviDhawan INDIA

Co Author(s):    Amar Agarwal   Athiya Agarwal           

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To analyse use of FDOCT in post PhotoRefractiveKeratectomy(PRK) patients


: A Prospective study in a tertiary eye care hospital.No financial disclosure to disclose


Total patients(308) operated for PRK from Jan 2010 to Jan2013 ,age group 19 to 34 years and spherical equivalent from -1.50 to -8.50 were taken.Peroperative in all patients epithelium was removed by absolute alcohol & mitomycin-c(0.02%) was applied from 10 to 60 sec depending upon refractive correction.FDOCT was routinely done in follow up visits at 1,3,6,9weeks,3months & 6 months respectively


Out of total 616 eyes(308 patients),36 eyes were detected having early haze(clinically nontraceble) in follow up visits by FDOCT as hypereflectivety at 46 to 64 microns from the surface of cornea.In all patients haze was detected from 6 to 9 weeks post PRK .Patients were started on topical dexamethasone and cyclosporine(0.05)


Routine Fourier Domain OCT (Anterior segment) is a useful modality to detect early haze in post PRK patients & thus it can prevent vision threatening sub epithelial scarring FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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